Our Story 

Our mission is to empower families and individuals to grow their own food, while educating them on the benefits of fresh produce. With every Fresh Start kit purchase, a family who lives in a food desert and/or attends a Title 1 urban school in the Charlotte area is given an opportunity to grow their own fresh food.Pop Up Produce has organically grown because of our community’s care and compassion to work with us, join our vision, and create a better world. None of what we do is possible without our core civic engagement, strength and support of our community. 


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Community Planting Hubs

Our Fresh Start Kit owners and donors provide the means for our donated Kit resources to find homes at title 1 schools, community gardens, community and civic centers, all located within food deserts – areas where nutritious food is not readily available due to affordability, distance or access to grocery stores and supermarkets. Our sponsors and partners enable connections within our community, locating homes for our donated Kits. Our team of volunteers helps teach our donated recipients how to plant and grow. Working with community hubs, our donations spread across food deserts affecting more families, incorporate into educational lesson plans, and create a positive impact for the community.  


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