The Importance of Soil Testing Before Planting A Garden

When you decide to start a vegetable garden, you’re probably itching to start planting the seeds. You envision plump, juicy tomatoes growing alongside rows of staked beans hanging thick on the vine. Melons flower and produce the ever-popular watermelon. Nearby rows of Swiss chard and spinach are carefully shaded from afternoon sun to extend harvest time.

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Pop Up Produce Makes its Local TV Debut at Ballantyne Corporate Park's Earth Day Celebration

Last Thursday Pop Up Produce was asked to share our story on Rising’s Wilson World, a fun segment on the local WCCB channel’s morning news to promote Ballantyne Corporate Park wonderful Earth Day celebration taking place later that afternoon. 

Planting Day at Billingsville Elementary School

Yesterday, we had the pleasure to plant at Billingsville Elementary, a local Title 1 school, alongside our friends and supporters at Sustain Charlotte and the Sustain Charlotte Community Corps.

Fun Upcoming Outdoor Events Around Charlotte

Everyone knows about the blockbuster concerts at the PNC Music Pavilion, the huge action at the Memorial Day weekend NASCAR races and the Charlotte Knights playing baseball under the city lights most summer evenings, but what about some other healthier, more active options for you, your family and friends to enjoy?

10 Beautiful Botanical Gardens to Visit this Spring

As Spring swings into full bloom, what better way to enjoy the warm weather than strolling through a well-manicured, gorgeous garden? Check out our list of some of the best botanical gardens our country has to offer.

14 Years Strong: April is National Garden Month

April is National Garden Month and has been since 2003! We want to join the global community in celebrating existing gardeners and encouraging new gardeners to get involved with this awesome hobby and start growing your own food.

Pop-up Market Collaborates to Fight Food Deserts

This past Sunday at Birdsong Brewing Company, The Bulb put on an awesome pop-up market with excellent live music, marvelous vendors and great brews. All in the name of bring the community together to raise awareness to the efforts being done to support local food deserts.

Why a Farmers' Market Should be Added to Your Weekend Plans

Read our blog to check out reasons and tips for why visiting a farmers' market should be added to your weekend plans!

Friend or Foe: A Quick Overview About Companion Planting

Did you know certain types of plants in the same garden will actually stunt each other's growth, while others will enhance growth? We dig into companion planting in today's blog. Read on to find out which plants are friends and which ones are foes.  

Turning Food Scraps into Nutrient Rich Compost

What comes to your mind when you hear the word compost? Most people tend to think about trash or waste, while some people think about in terms of nutrients and sustainability. . According to, compost is “a mixture of various decaying organic substances, as dead leaves or manure, used for fertilizing soil”. Composting is not just a fancy way to get rid of your waste, it actually offers tons of great benefits!

Pop Up Produce 'pops up' at Front Porch Sundays

This past Sunday, Front Porch Sundays kicked off in South End. Over 50 independent local businesses were set up selling everything from candles to clothes, jewelry to snacks, and yep you bet it, even Pop Up Produce Fresh Start Kits!

Top Vegan Restaurants in Charlotte

Although most people are familiar with the term “vegetarian”, some may not be quite familiar with the term “vegan”. The main difference between vegetarian and vegan is vegetarians choose to not consume meat, while vegans choose not to consume dairy, eggs, or any other animal based products

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Impact of Growing Your Own Food

There’s a variety of reasons why growing your own food will have an impact on your life. Although growing your own food can seem time intensive, in the end it can reap a lot of benefits. For instance, growing your own food helps benefit your physical and mental health, the environment, and the local community.